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Primary and Secondary Navigation in Drupal 8

Bartik Primary and Secondary menu regions

Multi-level main navigation is usually implemented with drop-down menus. But if the secondary level needs to always be visible when the parent item is active we can create a Menu Block that shows the second level items when the parent and sibling items are active.

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Install and update Drupal 8 through CLI

Update Drupal 8 Core with Composer CLI

Drush is still alive and kicking in Drupal 8 but the areas of installing Drupal core and contributed modules has been taken over by Composer, the PHP dependency manager. It takes a bit more effort to set up your environment and learn the new Composer ways of Drupal 8, but if Drupal is an important part of your work this is the way to go.

This article lists the common commands used when installing and updating Drupal 8 core through CLI.

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Grouping by multiple Fields in Drupal Views

Articles grouped by Custom text in Drupal Views

Grouping in Views is useful when there are many items in the results that share the same value of a field. But often times there is more than one field in common and it's useful to group by all those fields and excluding them from the results so they aren't repeated needlessly.

Custom text field method is the best method to control the output when grouping by multiple fields in Drupal Views.

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Install Drupal 8 on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Drupal 8 on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS with PHP 7.1

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS was released in April 2014, and its end of life date is April of 2019. To all those who are still using it this gives you roughly 8 months during which an upgrade is to be performed.

In case you want to install Drupal 8 before you get around upgrading the OS you'll have to update some packages because Ubuntu 14.04 doesn't satisfy all the requirements.

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User Flags (Follow) in Drupal 8

Follow a user Flag in action—Drupal 8

Flag module can be used to mark users in a Drupal project. Flags can be activated globally (where the flag status is the same for everyone) or personally where each user can control their own flag preference for another user.

The most common use of user Flags is to create lists of Followers. Users can add others to their Interests list, and have Followers who are interested in what they create on the site.

This article shows how to configure a Follow flag and create Views lists of Interests and Followers to be added to user Profile pages.

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