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Inkscape Illustrator's cookbook

Inkscape might be the easiest way to express your creative urges and start drawing and designing magnificent art. And this book just might be the easiest way to learn how to do it!

Inkscape 0.48 Illustrator's Cookbook Cover

You don't need prior vector editing knowledge to start unpacking the Inkscape experience through these 109 recipes. Each contains carefully crafted steps on how to jump straight in and use tools to achieve basic as well as complex effects. All original Inkscape files can be downloaded with the book. Make sure you don't miss out on this, working through these files shortens your learning time! Examples enable you to not only see more steps than fit inside the book but also to select, analyze, edit objects and effortlessly memorize the editing flow.

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Also join a very vibrant and helpful Inkscape community (there's always someone awake to help on mailing lists, forum, and IRC). And if you find yourself drawing and designing often or want to spend such quality time, become a tester and in one fell swoop get access to the latest bleeding edge of Inkscape development features and help speed up the new version release.

Besides helping with Inkscape development you can also influence the development of SVG as a standard. If you're strongly opinionated about how artistic and technical should meet join the Inkscape community and let your voice be heard!

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Take a look below at the gallery of some of the screenshots from the book. These are only a small preview of the files accompanying recipes.


Inkscape star shapes—Chapter 1—Creating and editing objects Inkscape 3D box tool—Chapter 1—Creating and editing objects Radial gradient on Fill and Stroke—Chapter 2—Editing Colors Cuppycakes on plates—Chapter 3—Speeding up your workflow Bokeh effect—Chapter 4—Create and edit clones Envelope deformation—Chapter 5—Live Path Effects (LPE) Render L-system—Chapter 6—Extensions Red wax seal—Chapter 7—SVG filters Straw flower—Chapter 8—Putting it all together Photorealism—Chapter 9—Raster and almost raster Inkscape curled sticker—Chapter 10—Web graphics preparation Monochromator simulator—Chapter 11—SVG in websites Game map—Chapter 12—Draw freely