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KOrganizer and Akonadi on Ubuntu with Postgres

KOrganizer Calendar app from KDE Agenda View

Setting up KOrganizer in the latest Ubuntu versions isn't easy because of various significant changes in its dependencies and I'm guessing lack of funding. I couldn't make it work with MySQL, but I finally made it work with Postgres.

This article documents what configuration worked for me to start Akonadi with Postgres database so I can use KOrganizer.

After failing to start Akonadi with MySQL on my new Ubuntu installation, I found a tip to try Postgres.

After setting up the Postgres server, user and database, adjusting the Akonadi configuration to switch to Postgres things still wouldn't work.

Through trial and error I found that I was missing some packages:

sudo apt-get install akonadi-server akonadi-backend-postgresql

Changing the configuration file was inspired by the article Setting up Akonadi where most of the options for Postgres were empty:

  1. [%General]
  2. Driver=QPSQL
  4. [QPSQL]
  5. Name=akonadi-enrico
  6. StartServer=false
  7. Host=
  8. Options=
  9. ServerPath=
  10. InitDbPath=

The winning combination seems to have been empty Host, ServerPath, InitDbPath, and the correct Name (I had to add my username after akonadi).

After starting Akonadi service:

$ akonadictl start

The configuration now reads:

  1. [%General]
  2. Driver=QPSQL
  4. [QPSQL]
  5. Host=
  6. InitDbPath=/usr/lib/postgresql/11/bin/initdb
  7. Name=akonadi-myusername
  8. Options=
  9. ServerPath=/usr/lib/postgresql/11/bin/pg_ctl
  10. StartServer=false

After that Akonadi started and the service reported running (akonadictl status).

Starting KOrganizer after that worked without any Errors saying Akonadi wasn't running. I was able to import my old data, tweak the configuration (I had to recreate the Categories), and creating new events and tasks works without issues.

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