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Search multiple Drupal Fields at the same time—Combine fields filter

Combined fields filter in Drupal 8 Views

The easiest way to create a search in Drupal that would automatically search more than one field is through the Combine fields filter in Views. More complex solutions include the Search API module, or Solr framework.

It's not possible to combine just any field with the Combine fields filter, but most of the fields that store content you want searched can. That includes Taxonomy Terms; they can be included in the combined search with the help of Relationships.

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Layout Builder—Change Content area layout

Drupal 8 Layout Builder Add Section Four columns

Layout Builder is the new module in Drupal core since the version 8.7. It brings a powerful and easy way for site builders to control the layout of the main content area of a Drupal page.

It is a huge step up for Drupal when competing with website builders for winning Site Editor's favor in taming the confusing coupling of content and its design. Many other features can be built on top of it to create a truly remarkable editors’ and content creators’ experiences.

This article shows what Layout Builder provides out of the box for changing the layout of your page content area.

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Where to place Drupal Twig template files

Drupal usually has two active themes

Besides the usual advice to keep the templates in a special templates folder in your (sub)theme it is necessary to know which theme the template should be added to in the first place.

The notion that there are usually two themes active on a Drupal site is often overlooked. This article clarifies which themes are used on which parts of the site.

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Allow local files links from remote locations in Firefox

Firefox Development tools Local links on remote URL

Working on a web development project can sometimes require for you to apply a local file from your own computer to a remotely hosted website.

This is disabled for security reasons. It can be enabled for particular locations using Firefox Preferences and this article will show you how.

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Primary and Secondary Navigation in Drupal 8

Bartik Primary and Secondary menu regions

Multi-level main navigation is usually implemented with drop-down menus. But if the secondary level needs to always be visible when the parent item is active we can create a Menu Block that shows the second level items when the parent and sibling items are active.

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