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Grid-like Definition list layout using Flexbox

Definition list laid out in a grid/table

Modern web design often features “vanity metrics”; KPIs indicating company's successes or listing distinguishable features. The most appropriate HTML element to mark up such content is the definition list <dl>.

Designs often call for a grid-like layout for such content. This article shows how to build the CSS for the scalable vertical grid-like definition list layout using Flexbox CSS.

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Allow local files links from remote locations in Firefox

Firefox Development tools Local links on remote URL

Working on a web development project can sometimes require for you to apply a local file from your own computer to a remotely hosted website.

This is disabled for security reasons. It can be enabled for particular locations using Firefox Preferences and this article will show you how.

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Awesome width-adjusting buttons with CSS

Box shadows do scale proportionately if set in font-based units

Rigid boxiness of HTML/CSS can be very frustrating. Often we want objects to have more unique mixtures of block and inline properties than display values block, inline or inline-block can give us.

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