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Awesome width-adjusting buttons with CSS

Box shadows do scale proportionately if set in font-based units

Rigid boxiness of HTML/CSS can be very frustrating. Often we want objects to have more unique mixtures of block and inline properties than display values block, inline or inline-block can give us.

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Fast and easy typing—special characters

Croatian keyboard layout

Out of all the different ways to type special characters that aren't easily accessible through your keyboard I found the slickest way is to add a different language layout to your Keyboard settings and a shortcut that easily switches between different Keyboard layouts.

For those who use Gnome and don't mind sacrificing one of their modifier keys (if they're not using it often or ever') they can use Compose key setting.

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Common misconceptions about business demystified

This article is based on a talk I gave to a group of women looking to start their own businesses. Each speaker was asked to cover a certain topic and my task was to summarize common misconceptions about starting and running a business. This list isn't exhaustive in any case but it touches on some important insights that unfairly get omitted when talking about this topic.

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Drupal 7 Entity reference tutorial

Entity reference is a Drupal 7 module that provides a field through which another entity can be referenced. Usually one node of a certain type makes a reference to a node of another type through an Entity reference field. For example the node "iPhone 4" of the type "Product" makes a reference to the node "Apple" of the type "Company" through the Entity reference field "Company name".

Choose Views display to format Entity reference field display

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Spot and deal with spam email

Inexperienced computer users can find it hard to recognize when a spammer might have found a way into their inbox.

Spam email spoofing YouTube

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