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About Prkos

#Your favorite web-tech whisperer

The word 'prkos' translates as 'defiance'. It is also a common name of a small flowering plant that can grow under difficult conditions, in places where other plants can't grow. It may also be that it was called that because you seed it here but it grows there :)

Prkos, Portulaca grandiflora, Moss Rose

Mihaela founded Prkos as a housing ground for her creative urges when it became apparent over a decade ago that she would be following the business and web-tech path instead of physics related trade she was educated for. Still her scientific outlook, deep curiosity about how stuff works and problem solving and teaching skills impact everything she undertakes.

The decision to go into business waters was heavily influenced by various American business speakers who generously shared their wisdom on their visits to Croatia. The contagious ever positive forward moving entrepreneurial spirit inspired to defy the legacy of dispirited atmosphere. Through her business and startup experience, Mihaela found the perfect way to serve the world and she recognized it as the natural medium for getting things done, answering questions and achieving impactful results.

Drupal, SEO, UX and design

The majority of Prkos clients are American-based NGOs and startups using Drupal as the base for their online presence. These projects usually include a lot of custom development, design and marketing tailored for the specific audience and business goals. Contact us if you have a project you'd like to discuss, solving your Drupal problems would be our hobby if it weren't already our livelihood!

E-books conversion

The future is now! No more paper cuts and dry tongue flipping through old bug infested fossils! If you want your content converted to a state of the art interactive e-book with all the advantages new technology provides become our client and let us whisper to the e-book god for you! You'll be in the company of the famous Jim Carrey, Denis Leary and many other interesting authors who's ideas we've transformed into pure joy for their readers.

How To Launch A Brand
Path of Beauty
Climate Balance
Mother Goose Revised
How Roland Rolls
My Dog Forgot How To Read
Professor's Daughter
Captain Disaster
Merry Fcking Christmas
Rho and Alex
The Electric Bike Book
Einstein—The adventures of Mr. Tompkins
The Pilates Ten
Layers of Creativity
i Tornado Experience
Back to Hollywood
Drawing and Dreaming
Curie—The adventures of Mr. Tompkins


Mihaela has been drawn to all things open source since she first learned about the concept, and contributing to Inkscape has been a large part of that journey. She joined the Inkscape community over a decade ago and quickly became proficient enough to graduate from helping out in the forums, triaging bugs and testing nightly builds right into writing a book of recipes for fast learning. Buy her book and support further development of Inkscape! Don't forget to download all the code that goes with it ;)

Inkscape 0.48 Illustrator's Cookbook Cover

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