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How to bulk delete files responsibly

Linux find command to bulk delete files responsibly

One badly constructed command that intends to delete files from a folder can cost you your entire hard disk. It's not a nice place to be in. But there are steps you can take to mitigate the risks.

Finding the right command that deletes the files is only half the trick. These things are so dangerous you need to add some sensible protection so they can't be misused, no matter how focused and aware you are when executing the command.

This article gathers a comprehensive list of strategies and checks that can help prevent disasters when bulk deleting files. The examples rely on the find command, but the principles can be carried over to other commands.

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Restore Drupal MySQL database from raw files

MySQL folder on linux storing data

Accidents happen. Accidents can raid your backup storage, production and other site versions. You can accidentaly forget to set up regular backups (ò_ô). Whatever adversity hits you sometimes you have to face the difficult situation of having only raw mysql folder from a hard drive to show for your data, and no healthy database export.

Luckily there is a way to restore the data if you know the steps and you're careful enough. This article documents this process.

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Date Popup—Views Exposed Filter in Drupal 8

Date Popup Views Exposed Filter for Drupal 8

The default Views Exposed Filter format for Date fields (for example the Authored on field) leaves a lot to be desired in terms of usability.

This can be greatly improved with one of two additional modules—Better Exposed Filters if you're already using it for other parts of your site, or Date Popup for a superior experience.

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Sort related content by Relevance (Drupal 8)

Related content sorted by Relevance

Many websites are tagging their content with more than one category term. Listing other content marked with the same term is a very common task in Drupal. But with a multi-valued field storing more than one Category on a single article things are a bit more complicated.

Complexity increases with the request to sort the list by relevancy, showing the most relevant related content on top of the list (the articles that share more of the same tags).

This article lists the steps in Drupal 8 Views to create a list of related content titles sorted by the number of tags shared with the content currently viewed.

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Flags/Bookmarks configuration in Drupal 8

Bookmark content–Flag module in Drupal 8

Flags are as useful as ever in Drupal 8. This article lists the most common configuration steps to get the complete Bookmarks Flags feature set in your Drupal site.

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