About us

We help organizations, companies and individuals with their online presence, online tools and ecommerce solutions. We help every step of the way, using agile programming methods.

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Wanted Drupal developers!

We're looking for team oriented people who can configure Drupal modules or create custom modules or themes. Contact us if you'd like to work on Drupal projects with us so we can schedule a time over Skype to get to know each other better. We're looking forward to meeting you!

What we do

We design, build and implement web projects custom tailored to clients needs. These projects often involve creating an online presence for a company or an organization with detailed access control to various parts of the system, integration with social media services, multimedia content, interactive maps, e-commerce solutions, email and SMS
notifications and many other features.

This process involves implementing and configuring existing modules, creating custom modules when necessary, creating the graphics design and custom themes. We have experience with a large number of modules and common Drupal APIs so we can efficiently reap the benefits of the Drupal framework.

In addition to Drupal skills we also have experience in C++ and other languages so we are free to use the best suited technology for a particular case. Examples are performance issues of a Discrete optimization algorithm solver and a DOCX to EPUB-ready XHTML import system.

How we do it

We like to keep in constant contact with clients during the development process and get frequent feedback to make sure the project will be suited to their particular needs and satisfy their specific usability requests.

Our preferred means of communicating with clients are Skype and email. We often adjust to the time zone of the project we're currently working on.

Contact us if you want to discuss about how we can help you with your project or if you just want to say hi!

Why Drupal

Drupal is a very popular framework for building complex web projects, with a proven track record in stability, feature flexibility, performance and scalability. It is the second largest open source project in terms of contributors, users and number of modules. The community around Drupal is very active and vibrant ensuring constant evolution in the fast paced web development market.

We're proud Drupal Balkan Summit 2012 Zagreb sponsor

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We convert your content into the most popular e-book formats today including the "enhanced" fixed-layout and read-aloud books.

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Would you like us to format and enhance your e-book?

The process of formatting an e-book starts by gathering all of the materials necessary for publishing. This includes book content (text and multimedia), cover image, metadata and design considerations. During the formatting process we send WIP versions to clients for inspection so they can test the e-book on their own devices and request revisions if necessary.

We can format e-books for a wide variety of readers and devices: iBooks on iPad and iPhone, Kindle e-ink readers as well as Kindle Fire tablet, Nook e-ink readers and tablet, Kobo and others.

In addition to simple text and images we can also add enhancements such as audio and video, incorporate PDF files inside the e-book, format the fixed-layout style and sync the read-aloud audio to words inside text in order to highlight them, do animations and other style enhancements, insert SVG illustrations, custom fonts, GPS positioning etc.

To read more about the e-books we formatted please visit our partner's website Oak Creek Publishing.

If you'd like to request a quote or discuss any of your book ideas don't hesitate to contact us!